The simplest way to define sustainable development is by saying that it is a development that keeps pace with the responsibility towards the environment, the economy and society for present and future generations.

A prerequisite for sustainable development is the existence of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

That is why we need to understand sustainable development as a way of life, a way in which we  will do business. For us corporate social responsibility is a concept through which a company incorporates social, environmental and economic goals into its business activities and stakeholder relationships.

Global Reporting Initative (GRI)

GRI was launched as an initiative with the aim of applying sustainability reports globally, in the same way that the reporting system is organized today. The Global Reporting Initative (GRI) framework is intended for all organizations, large, medium and small entrepreneurs, as its main function is to achieve corporate responsibilty, all with the aim of gaining trust from all stakeholders.

Our vision and mission are based on the principle of transparency and responsibility. That is why, although not obliged to do so, we have decided to file a sustainability report on an annual basis and transparently publish data on the impact on the three pillars of sustainable development.

An extended hand of our partners

In our business so far, we have very often encountered a lot of false information, misinterpretations and conclusions, which confuse our customers and end consumers even more. That is why it is very important for us to provide reliable, comparable and verifiable information. Such information plays an important role in enabling customers to make  more sustainable decisions and thereby reduce the risk of green washing.

We are always open for cooperation and exchange of verified information to topics such as:

  • Polymer industry
  • Sustainable Development
  • Circular economy
  • The importance of recycling
  • Projects