Sustainable production

For us sustainable production means a high quality production, functional and safe products that are efficient and affordable, last longer and can be reused, repaired and recycled with high quality.

We apply the principles of sustainability in production, which means that:

  • the products are designed to be reusable or to have a long life cycle
  • the products do not contain hazardous chemicals
  • the products do not contain additives that are associated with microplastics
  • all products can be 100% recycled and be turned into high-quality new products

Product life cycle


Continuous processing of plastic raw material in which the molten polymer is formed into the final product and sent to further production processes.


After extrusion, the product is defined and refined through a selected printing method to create a high-quality visual experience.


Through multiple robotic operations, the product receives its final shape and is delivered in sizes adhering to the requirements and needs of the market, that in an optimized manner and under a high production capacity.

Customers and users

Our products are used daily by millions of people across the EU and Southeast Europe, the reason of which makes us all the more motivated to promote sustainable production and reduce environmental impact.


Waste in the recycling process acquires a completely new role - the role of the secondary raw material, able to be reused, several times at that, in the production process. We as pioneers in recycling have the most modern technology for recycling polymer materials.