Quality control

Quality is an extremely important element to our business and we’re therefore placing great emphasis on quality control. Back in 1999, Weltplast was among the first to introduce a quality management system - ISO 9001:2015. This standard is internationally recognized and known, guaranteeing the customer and user that the final product had undergone multiple controls, and that over all its parts.

Quality control begins with a detailed inspection of the input raw materials. It continues with the monitoring of all parts of the production process and ends with a comprehensive control of the finished product. Raw materials that do not meet Weltplast’s high standards do not enter the production process, while products that slightly differ from the established framework will not be put on the market. Weltplast’s control laboratory is in charge of such a detailed quality control system. It is equipped with modern laboratory equipment and devices, which allow constant monitoring of all raw materials, production processes and the final product.

The quality management system contributes to the high reliability of finished products and provides the customer with a guarantee that the product had been ckecked on all aspects, especially on the aspect of reliability in practice, health and environmental safety and is full compliant with the regulations and standards.

The internal quality control system undergoes external tests, too. This is the responsibility of OFI’s testing laboratory in Austria, authorized according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007, which sets out the general requirements for determining the competence to perform tests and/or calibrations.

We’ve been conducting business according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard since obtaining the certificate in 2011. The certificate confirms care for the environment and sustainability. Since then we have achieved waste-free production and have cooperated with partners who respect policies and legislation regarding environmental protection and sustainability.