Pipe system for drinking water distribution

The water distribution pipe system comes in two production programs:

1. Weltplastwater - STANDARD PEHD / Pipe system for open water distribution with sand bed
Single-layer pipes in blue or black with a blue line are for the distribution of drinking water through underground installations, they are placed in an open trench with a sand bed.

2. Weltplastwater PE100 RC - 2S / Open water distribution pipe system without sand bed
Weltplast.Water®-2S-RC are water distribution pipes that can be laid in an open trench without a sand bed. This allows for an outer layer of new PE100-RC material that is highly resistant to slow crack propagation. Both layers are co-extrusionally inseparable.

Two-layer pipes (outer wall blue, inner wall black) for the distribution of drinking water in underground installations.

  • high strength and rigidity that make them resistant to internal pressure and external loads
  • long-term durability in operation
  • high flexibility
  • low weight and impact resistance, external wear, earthquake movement
  • chemical resistance to aggressive media
  • exceptional flexibility at low temperatures and high smoothness of inner walls with very low flow losses
  • low weight favors low transport costs
  • easy installation (low cost)
  • very low flow losses
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