Wastewater drainage pipe system

The Weltplast Sewage® wastewater drainage pipe system comes in three production lines:

1. Weltplast.Sewage® Standard-PEHD/Pressurized sewer system
These are single-layer pipes placed in an open trench with a sand bed.
They come in sizes between 16 mm and 630 mm, and are recognizable by their black color with a brown stripe.

2. Weltplast.Sewage® PE100 RC-2S/Pressurized sewer system system for open laying without sand bed
Two-layer pipes with a brown outer and black inner wall placed in an open trench without a sand bed. They also come in sizes between 16 mm and 630 mm.

  • high strength and rigidity
  • resistance to long-term internal pressure and external loads
  • flexibility at low temperatures, during soil movement and resistance to external wear
  • toughness
  • low weight and impact resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • rust resistance
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