Cable protection pipe system

The Weltplast.protect cable protection pipe system comes in four production lines:

1.Weltplast.protect® Electrical – 3S-PP/SN4 / Three-layer pipes for the protection of electrical cables
Three-layer pipes for the protection of electrical cables (both the outer, middle and inner walls are red) are made of polypropylene and polypropylene with mineral fibers, and are used to protect power, signal and medium voltage cables.

2.Weltplast.protect® Post – 3S-PP/SN4 / Three-layer pipes for the telecommunication cables protection
Three-layer pipes for the protection of telecommunication cables with the outer wall in yellow, middle layer is yellow and inner layer is also yellow. Intended for the protection of telephone cables during the construction of TT sewers and the protection of telecommunication cables. They are made of polypropylene and polypropylene with mineral fibers.

3. Weltplast.protect® Optical-PEHD /pipe system for optical cable protection
This black, single-layer optical cable protection pipe system is made of PE80 polyethylene, it has a longitudinal groove of the inner surface, and is used to protect optical cables in the access and long distance network and optical and coaxial cables of RTV cable system and other functional networks for direct laying in ground.

4. Weltplast.protect® OpticalSIlicore-2S-Black/Orange/Blue
Two layer pipes, apart from up to 90% polyethylene PE80 forming the outer layer, also contain 10% SILICORE (inner layer) guaranteeing top performance in the protection of telecommunication and signaling cables. Different pipe colors (black, orange, blue) facilitate the standardization of the respective sections depending on the connection centers.

  • excellent impact toughness
  • high dimensional reliability
  • chemical resistance
  • pressure resistance
  • resistance to atmospheric influences and changes caused by ultraviolet rays
  • high insulation capacity
  • high voltage breakdown strength
  • high flexibility (delivery and reels)
  • corrosion resistance (without protection they can be laid and installed in water, into moist soil, acidic or alkaline, or in concrete)
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