Pipe system for gas distribution

Pipe system Weltplast.Gas for gas distribution comes in two lines:

1. Weltplast.Gas Standard PE100 / Pipe system of gas distribution with  for open laying with sand bed
The application of Weltplast.Gas® PE100 / PE80 pipe system for a gas distribution for industrial consumption and for household consumption provides ideal solutions in the construction of the gas distribution network, and at the same time, looking at longer service life, represents high reliability and savings in initial investment and operation , compared to gas pipelines made of conventional materials.

2. Weltplast.Gas PE100 RC-2S / Pipe system of gas distribution with  for open laying without sand bed
Weltplast.Gas-2S-RC are gas distribution pipes that can be laid in a channel without a sand bed. This allows the outer layer to be made of a new PE100-RC material that is highly resistant to slow crack propagation. Both layers are co-extrusionally inseparable. Weltplast.Gas®-2S-RC also has an inner layer of PE100-RC that allows the distribution of aggressive fluids.

  • high resistance to strain corrosion, shocks, landslides due to earthquake, and external wear
  • chemical resistance to aggressive media
  • flexibility at low temperatures
  • rigidity
  • low weight (low transport and installation costs)
  • long-term resistance to crack spread
  • smoothness of inner walls with very minor losses of pipe flow
  • high inertness to chemical compounds of natural gas
  • stiffness of the material reduces the risk of external damage to the pipe walls
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