Irrigation pipe system

The Weltplast.Agro ® irrigation pipe system comes in two production lines:

1. Weltplast.Agro® Standard_PEHD/Irrigation Pipe System with sand bed
Single-layer pipes in black with a green line are used to convey water for surface and underground irrigation, and are placed in an open trench with a sand bed. They are made of PE 80/PE 100 material and come in sizes ranging from 16 mm to 630 mm.

2. Weltplast.Agro® PE100 RC-2S/Irrigation pipe system for open laying without sand bed
They are dual-layered, made of PE100-RC, with a green outer and a black inner wall, placed in an open trench without a sand bed.

  • extremely lightweight, outstanding flexibility and durability, resistance to corrosion
  • high suitability for irrigation systems, as pipes withstand even constant water flow and soil movement
  • inner smoothness and high flow rate preventing clogging with dirt from unfiltered water
  • installation in various agricultural processes
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