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Pipe system for drinking cold and hot water installations

Weltplast.Therm pipes made of polypropylene of a new generation of PP-RCT copolymers are used for cold and hot water transportation in households, hotels, office buildings and public institutions with a diameter of 20 - 110 mm.

Weltplasttherm pipes for drinking cold and hot water installations are connected by welding to completely reduce pollution of the drinking water system. They are used for transport of drinking cold and hot water into apartments, hotels, office buildings, hospitals and public buildings. Weltplast.Therm pipes are in line with EU Directive 2002/72/EC  with an accent on drinking water.

  • excellent resistance to sudden changes in water temperature while maintaining high impact strength
  • long-term resistance to strain corrosion
  • durability in extreme conditions, tested at temperature of 70 ºC, up to 50 years
  • outstanding thermal stability
  • conforming to health safeguarding standards owing to absence of heavy metals, not even in traces
  • high noise reduction
  • excellent thermal insulation with low heat losses
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