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WeltplastHOME / STANDARD 3S-PP / Pipe system for drainage household systems

Weltplasthome house drainage pipe systems are intended for drainage of polluted, low and high temperature wastewater inside buildings.

These pipes are produced in sizes ranging in diameter from 32 mm to 160 mm, rod lengths from 250 mm to 4000 mm. They are connected by coupling elements with a seal and a sleeve, which facilitate fast and reliable joining of the house drainage system.

  • permanent stability at higher medium temperatures
  • excellent chemical and corrosion resistance according to ISO/TR 10358
  • resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and detergents
  • excellent stiffness and toughness ratio of the pipe
  • excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • long-term stability of shape during use
  • high elasticity
  • low specific weight
  • high flexibility at temperatures below 0ºC
  • high resistance to external wear
  • complete inertness
  • high smoothness of inner walls with minor losses in pipe flow
  • corrosion and rust resistant
  • combating fungal growth
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