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Weltplast.Ground 3S-PP/SN4 / Pipe system for foundation and external drainage

Weltplast.Ground pipes for foundation and external drainage are used for drainage of polluted wastewater of low and high temperature, which are laid into the foundation structure and outside buildings. These three-layer pipes are made of polypropylene and polypropylene with mineral fibers sized between 110 mm and 500 mm, with a brown outer wall, dark grey middle and a white inner wall.

  • resistance to large and concentrated loads, primarily traffic loads
  • resistance to additional strain, i.e. deformations, resulting from subsequent landslides
  • resistance to groundwater
  • high wear resistance
  • high chemical resistance enabling drainage of industrial wastewater with chemically aggressive compounds
  • complete and long-lasting water tightness
  • install ability at extreme temperatures
  • quick installation due to easy laying and pipe joining
  • service life exceeding 50 years
  • fulfilling environmental criteria, as polypropylene is a material that meets environmental requirements, i.e. it can be ecologically recycled
  • meeting all applicable norms and quality requirements
  • complete and long-lasting water tightness of the entire drainage system
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