Circular economy

The traditional (linear) economy model is based on a policy of taking, exploiting and throwing away.

The circular model is a system within which production resources, waste and energy outflow are significantly reduced and recycled by slowing down, rounding off and extending energy and material cycles in production.

In practice, the circular model contributes to the production of high-quality, functional and safe products that are efficient and affordable, last longer and can be reused, repaired and recycled with high quality. This is exactly one of our aims.

In harmony with nature for a sustainable future.

From the very beginning, we pay great attention to circular business, recycling and other pillars of sustainability. We are focused primarily on conserving nature, and that at each production stage, reflected in the company’s overall product range.

Our entire business is based on a highest European and global environmental standards, which we endeavour to constantly review and improve.

Clearly focusing on an environmental approach and sustainable development, we have developed a circualr model in our production. We are improving it on a daily basis that includes detailed monitoring of raw materials, all production processes, the finished product, its distribution and final recycling. What we produce we can recycle and that is how we close the loop.