Enviroment care

Weltplast  is the first company in this area, which for years has a complete technology for recycling of polymeric materials, which signi-ficantly contributed to the protection and preservation of the environment, and initiated activities to introduce an international system for protection of the enviroment ISO 14001.

The primary focus in every process of production and in total product range is a concern and care of nature.


Main advantages in application

Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 application to transport water for human consumption provides an ideal solution in the construction of water distribution networks, while also looking at longer term use, represents a huge savings in initial investment as well as in service compared with conventional pipelines.
The lifetime of  Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 pipeline is calculated according to the ISO 9080.

PE 80 / PE 100 pipe systems benefits

Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 piping systems for distributing drinking water have a number of advantages over conventional systems:
high strength and stiffness, which makes them resistant to long-lasting internal and external pressure
long-term stability of strength in service
high flexibility, toughness and low weight as well as impact resistance
high flexibility at low temperatures (-50 ° C)
high resistance to external abrasion
excellent flexibility and resistance to movement of soil due to earthquake
high smoothness of the interior walls with very small flow losses
high chemical resistance to aggressive media

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Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 tubes have a number of very important features:
have a high inertia over the media, and the complete safety during the long period of exploitation
no corrosion, no rust, do not support the growth of fungus or mold
ultraviolet radiation resistant
may be connected by welding, electrofusis, mechanical joints
welding places have the same mechanical strength as well as the pipes itselves

Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 PE80 pipes- competitive price and high reliability of investment:
Small mass of tubes suitable for low cost transportation
simple manipulation of the tubes on the ground during the installation without the necessity of heavy equipment
Connecting by electrofusion welding ensures high reliabilityof the weld with low costs and highly competitive long-term maintenance
Flexibility of taking on uneven grounds lowers maintenance costs, and excavation
Easy and quick replacement of possibly damaged parts of the pipeline
Very low flow losses, reduce the costs of water distribution pipelines in the system

Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 pipes - quality control:
Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 fully meet the standards serie EN 12201 and ISO 4427, because of the requirements specification and control of individual properties, but also because of the input of raw materials, production processes and final control.
download-weltplastwater_engControl procedures are implemented in accordance with established quality management system ISO 9001:2000. For production of Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 tubes raw materials are used, made by manufacturers in the world top-ranked high density polyethylene.
Pipe extrusion production process is fully automated, without the possibility of human error.
Quality control Weltplastwater® PE100 / PE80 tube is carried out in our own control laboratory starting from the input of raw materials PE100/PE80 as well as by the process control and final control of finished products - pipes.
Continuous laboratory control hydrostatic strength, size and rheological properties provide high reliability in the application of quality pipe water distribution.
Quality control Weltplastwater® PE100 / PE80 tube was monitored and certified by an external certified laboratories and institutions, OFI, Austria.

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Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 piping systems for water distribution - health safety
Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 piping systems are completely inert and guarantees the safety of drinking water. Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 piping systems meet the requirements of EU Directive 2002/72 EC, which are placed on products that come into direct contact with food in which enters the drinking water.

Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80 pipes - the environmental facts
Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80  piping systems are environmentally friendly, totally inert from the standpoint of waste disposal, materially recycled.
Weltplastwater® PE100/PE80  piping systems are not biologically degraded, do not support the growth of mold and fungi. From the standpoint of toxicity there is no knowledge about any aspect of traces of toxicity in the application of Weltplastwater®PE100/PE80 pipe systems.

Connection manner
Weltplastwater pipes are connected by the electrofusion welding fittings made by the world famous manufacturers with which a complete installation of water piping systems is ensured


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