Enviroment care

Weltplast  is the first company in this area, which for years has a complete technology for recycling of polymeric materials, which signi-ficantly contributed to the protection and preservation of the environment, and initiated activities to introduce an international system for protection of the enviroment ISO 14001.

The primary focus in every process of production and in total product range is a concern and care of nature.


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Weltplast took over Stylplast Zagreb

Monday, 04 January 2010 00:00

In Zagreb, in December 28, 2009, on Friday, a purchase contract has been signed between Weltplast Company and Stylplast Zagreb on taking one hundred percent ownership of the production line of polyethylene packaging and the entire business of Stylplast Zagreb.


By signing this agreement Weltplast become a market leader in processing and production of polyethylene packaging in the area of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the acquisition Weltplast Company increased its production by 30%, which led to the increased proportion of sales of PE packaging of the Croatian market to over 50%.
Weltplast Company and Stylplast Zagreb are the leading providers to the most of the market retail leaders. Weltplast Company through 25 years of its existence grown into one of the most successful companies in the production of polyethylene packaging in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stylplast with its production capacity, enables the secure spread through the Croatian market as well as the markets of neighboring countries and EU countries.
Wetplast always finds its greatest potential in the quality and knowledge of its employees. That is why all employees of Stylplast remained on their job positions (although such a contractual obligation did not exist).

For more information about Stylplast Zagreb visit the web site: www.stylplast.hr


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