Enviroment care

Weltplast  is the first company in this area, which for years has a complete technology for recycling of polymeric materials, which signi-ficantly contributed to the protection and preservation of the environment, and initiated activities to introduce an international system for protection of the enviroment ISO 14001.

The primary focus in every process of production and in total product range is a concern and care of nature.

gea-zena-kupi-otpatkeThe big news in Weltplast is Gea® line of bags. Besides its immeasurable usage value, Gea® line of bags stand out with its quality when it comes to the competition. The bags are manufactured in accordance with EU directive 94/62/EC and 2004/12/EC amendment reducing the environmental load in its application.

The size, color, shape and appearance of Gea® bags are extremely versatile and meet individual needs. They are being produced in three lines: Gea® Supreme (35, 70 and 120 liters), Gea® Extra (40, 80, 120 and 140 liters) and Gea® Professional (40 and 120 liters).download_gea_eng

Gea® antibacterial bags should be distinguished which significantly contribute to increased hygiene, and thus health care, which is particularly important when it comes to children. These bags contain antibacterial additives against the occurrence and spread of fungi, mildew and other bacteria.

Also the kitchens does not need to ’transmit’ odor throughout the household waste because Gea® Supreme range offers bags that pleasantly smell like lavender and lime. There are a lot of possibilities; it is up to individuals to choose their way of helping preserving the environment by Gea® bags.

GEA® SUPREME | 35L | 70L | 120L
All products are produced with a strap that facilitates the installation and removal. There are antibacterial Gea Supreme sacks and bags that pleasantly smell like lavender and lime.

GEA® EXTRA | 40L | 80L | 120L | 140L
With or without a strap, they are adapted to the needs of users. Novelties are the jumbo and super jumbo bags (120 and 140 liters) that will be perfect for those who have a need for greater capacity of the bags.

They are used in institutions such as hospitals, hotels, kindergartens, etc., and are also available in sets or rolls, with 10, 20 or 25 pieces.


In Croatia, there is about 1.2 milion tons of waste in a discard, or even 270 kg per capita. For such a large amount is even more important to think of the proper and ecological waste securing.

The biggest users of  Weltplast antibacterial bags are the hospitals that dispose their medical waste, then hotels, kindergartens and retirement homes that use those for the most diverse collection of waste and dirty laundry.