Enviroment care

Weltplast  is the first company in this area, which for years has a complete technology for recycling of polymeric materials, which signi-ficantly contributed to the protection and preservation of the environment, and initiated activities to introduce an international system for protection of the enviroment ISO 14001.

The primary focus in every process of production and in total product range is a concern and care of nature.
Material properties PP-RCT

Advantages of PP-RCT copolymer over the PP-R PP Copolymer
Weltplasttherm® tubes are manufactured from polypropylene new generation called PP-RCT, random copolymer improved crystalline and molecular structure which leads to a very good application properties at elevated stress and temperature.

The label PP-RCT was determined according to ISO 1043-1, where the letter "R" indicates the structure of random copolymer polypropylene, letter "C" stands for crystalline structure in particular, a symbol "T" stands for improved hydrostatic strength at elevated operating temperatures.

download-weltplasttherm_engPipes made of copolymer PP-RCT are intended to be used for the transport of cold and hot water, where this material showed remarkable resistance to internal pressure in the application of low and high temperature. In addition, due to its exceptional resistance to environmental stress cracking, the copolymers of this product are used to produce pipe systems in the industry with a high corrosive level of water.
Long-term strenght at elevated water temperature at PP-RTC pipes compared to conventional PP-R pipe increased up to 40%.

Basic standard applied to polypropylene tubes for transport of cold and hot water systems in buildings is EN ISO 15874:2004, which gives the application requirements and classification.

In determining the dimensions of pipes for the particular application, the main thing is to calculate the stress, according to EN ISO 13760.
Weltplasttherm® pipes made of PP-RCT copolymers have excellent oxidative stability and the possibility of applying higher hydraulic pressure compared to standard PP-R pipe. PP-RCT copolymer as a new polymer material is normative according to EN 15 874: 2004, DIN 8077/DIN 8078: 2007, and according to Austrian standards NORM ® B 5174:2007.

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Weltplasttherm piping systems

Weltplasttherm®: the installation of potable cold and hot water

Weltplasttherm® tubes made of copolymers PP-RCT are used for transport of potable cold and hot water in apartments, hotels, office buildings, hospitals and public buildings, in a diameter of 20-110 mm. The advantage of the pipe system is excellent resistance to sudden changes in water temperature while maintaining high impact toughness. Because of the full reduction of drinking water systems pollution they are  merged by welding. Weltplasttherm® pipes meet the requirements of European Directive 2002/72/EC for products that come into contact with foodstuffs and in particular it should be noted that drinking water is one of the first. Special monitoring refers to the hygienic and toxicological validation of Weltplasttherm® tubes.

Weltplasttherm® pipes for the conveyance of drinking and hot water in domestic installations have additional advantages compared to conventional:
long-term resistance to environmental stress cracking
long-term existance in the service conditions of temperature higher than 70 o C for more than 50 years
excellent thermal stability
health safety without the minimal presence of heavy metals traces
high noise reduction
an excellent thermal insulation with low heat losses.

Pipes are produced in dimensions of 20-110 mm diameter.

Weltplasttherm®: installation of climate and central heating

Weltplasttherm® pipes for the instalation of air condition systems and central heating made of copolymer PP-RCT have exceptional advantages over traditional tubes . The folowing elements are the indicators of that:
environmentally friendly
resistant to chemicals and environmental stress cracking
excellent surface smoothness
excellent weldability
high thermal stability
the good properties of heat and sound insulation
small mass
excellent possibility of constructing pipe systems using fittings, valves and manifolds.

Pipes are produced in dimensions of 20-110 mm diameter.

Weltplasttherm®: industrial pipes

Weltplasttherm® industrial pipes represent a significant innovation in the application of copolymer PP-RCT. The application of these pipes in industrial pipe systems provides an exceptional advantage over the hitherto conventional plastic-composite pipe system, primarily due to its excellent chemical stability, high resistance and rigidity of very low rear factors, increased lifetime and excellent mechanical strenght.

Pipes are produced in dimensions of  20-110 mm diameter.

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Weltplasttherm® tubes features: heat resistance and isolation

Weltplasttherm® piping systems made of PP-RCT copolymer polypropylene anticipated operating temperatures of 70 ° C, occasionally to 90 ° C for the conveyance of hot water systems in buildings. Thermal conductivity is 0, 23-0, 24 W1/K1/m which is the lowest value in the group of thermoplastic materials. Consequently, tubes made of PP-RCT copolymer polypropylene have very low heat losses.

Weltplasttherm® - tubes for home installation of potable cold and hot water
Type of polymer: PP-RCT Standard: DIN 8077 DIN 8078 EN ISO 15874-2
Lifetime: 50 god/ 70°C Color: green with dark green stripe
Series: SDR 7,4/ S 3,2 Tubes for installing hot and cold water produced by the PP-RCT copolymer polypropylene, provides the possibility of production thin-walled tubes and they possess higher hydraulic capacity of the pipe that can be applied for more pressure when compared to PP-R pipes.

Weltplasttherm® - pipes for air conditioning installation and heating
Polymer type: DIN 8077 DIN 8078 EN ISO 15874-2
Lifetime: 50 years/ 70°C
Color: green with a dark blue stripe
Series: SDR 7,4/ S 3,2
Series: SDR 7,4/ S 3,2

Weltplasttherm® - pipe installation in the industry
Polymer type: DIN 8077 DIN 8078 EN ISO 15874-2
Lifetime: 50 god/ 70°C
Color: gray with dark gray line
Series: SDR 7,4/ S 3,2
Series: SDR 7,4/ S 3,2


pp-rct1 koljeno90
PP-RCT pipes Elbow 90°
koljeno45 spojnica-mufna
Elbow 45° Connector / Reduction
t-komad krizni-komad
T- Pieces, Reducing T-piece Cross Piece, End cap
obilazni-luk prijelazna-spojnica
Bypass Arc, Final Connector Elbow, Pressure Test Cap Transitional Joint
prijelazna-koljenasta-spojnica prijelazni-t-komad
Transitional Offset Hinge Interim T-piece, Valve Mounting
ventil-pod-zbuku kuciste-ventila
Valve for Mounting, the Cap and the Valve Rosette The Lower Part  of Valve, the Pattern for Mounting, Mounting Plate
obujmice kukice
Clamp for Fastening, Screw Dowel, Plastic Clamps Fixing Hooks, Pipe Cutter, Tube Shears
Manual Welding Device, Welding Device Set with Tools, Welding Device


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