Enviroment care

Weltplast  is the first company in this area, which for years has a complete technology for recycling of polymeric materials, which signi-ficantly contributed to the protection and preservation of the environment, and initiated activities to introduce an international system for protection of the enviroment ISO 14001.

The primary focus in every process of production and in total product range is a concern and care of nature.
Main advantages in the application process

Weltplasthome® pipe systems application for domestic sewage has become in a modern commercial-residential building absolutely indispensable, not only because of extraordinary life, but for the fast, easy and reliable installation.

Weltplasthome® piping systems are designed to soil wastewater of low and high temperatures inside the buildings.  Weltplasthome® pipes are produced in a diameter range of DN 32 to DN 160 mm with rod lenght of 250 mm to 4000 mm.  Weltplasthome® tubes have a built-collar and gasket which allows quick and easy connection.

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Weltplasthome®pipe systems benefits
Weltplasthome® pipe and fittings for home sewage systems have many advantages:
oermanent stability at elevated media temperatures
great ratio of pipe stiffness and toughness
excellent chemical and corrosion resistance according to ISO / TR 10358
resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and detergents
excellent thermal and sound insulation
long-term stability in the form of exploitation
high elasticity and low specific weight
high flexibility at temperatures below 0ºC
high resistance to external abrasion
high smoothness of the interior walls with very small flow losses
full inertia

Weltplasthome® pipes and fittings have some important features:
Weltplasthome® tubes are delivered with built-in seals
fittings and pipes are manufactured in gray RAL 7037
neither corrode nor rust
do not support the growth of fungus or mold

Weltplasthome® piping systems - high reliability installation
easy handling in mounting due to the flexibility
connecting pipe fittings ensures high reliability
low-costs long-term maintenance
easy and quick replacement of possibly damaged parts of the pipe systems

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Weltplasthome® piping systems - quality control

Weltplasthome® pipe and fittings fully comply with the standards series DIN 8077/8078 and DIN 19560. Specification of pipes and fittings is adjusted according to the requirements of EN 1451-1:2000.

download-weltplasthome_engControl procedures are implemented in accordance with established quality management system ISO 9001:2000. For production of Weltplasthome®pipe and fittings, raw materials of the world's top-ranked manufacturer of polypropylene and its copolymers are used.

Production process of extrusion and injection molding of pipe fittings is completely automated, without the possibility of human error.

Quality control Weltplasthome® pipes quality control is carried out in their own control laboratory starting from the input of raw materials and process control as well as final control of finished products -pipes, seals and fittings.
Weltplasthome® pipe quality control and fittings is controlled by an external certified laboratory.

Weltplasthome® piping systems - environmental fact
Weltplasthome® piping systems are environmentally friendly, totally inert from the point of disposal of waste, materially recyclable and do not deplete the ozone layer. Weltplasthome® piping systems are not biologically degraded, with views of toxicity there is no knowledge about any aspect of traces of toxicity.

Connection manner

Weltplasthome® pipes are connected by the fasteners to seal the socket which provide quick and reliable connection of the house sewer pipe systems.

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